Payments that adjust to your earnings. Because life is not a straight line.

FitBUX goes beyond traditional federal or private student loan options.  We offer income share agreements. Payments are based on a percentage of your current and forecasted earnings, giving you ultimate flexibility and savings.  Manage your financial future with ease.


Earn Less? Pay Less

If your earnings decrease, your payments will decrease or potentially be deferred.
Flexibility is good.


Earn More? Pay Off Quicker

A new job? A bonus? Congrats! You will now repay more quickly and save.
Saving is good.


It's That Simple

Sit back, relax.  FitBUX Income Share Agreements evolve with your life.
It just makes sense.

Zero interest, zero principal financing.

With a FitBUX income share agreement, the entirety of your monthly repayment is applied to the amount you owe. Zero interest, zero principal. Plain and simple.









We invest in your success.

Your monthly repayment amount is based on your current and forecasted earnings.  The more you earn, the faster you will fulfill your income share agreement. Your goals and ours are fully aligned: we want you to succeed.

How We Do It: The FitBUX Score

Because you're way more than a credit score.

Your FitBUX Score, based on our proprietary algorithm, sets the parameters of your income share agreement. It uses factors such as personal achievements, past and current earnings, as well as earnings potential. We take your past, present, and future into account. We consider the ENTIRE YOU.


Income Share Agreement

That's why Taylor joined FitBUX.

Click here to see how she expects to save $12,997 and shave several months off of her student loan repayment schedule by refinancing with a FitBUX income share agreement.

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